Dinnerware from Eco-friendly Palm Leaf Plates

The raw material that we use to create the cutlery is fallen palm leaves and there is no other material that has such a limited effect on the environment. Each leaf has a unique print lending beauty to the tableware.

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About Zukvi Palm Leaf Products

We have to tell you that we are just a few days old now. At Zukvi, our basic premise is the well-being of the entire humanity. Starting our operations on the 6th of September, 2018, our flagship products are all made from palm leaves that are 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and keeps up the balance of nature.

Our products cater to the requirements of the catering industry as well as the home sector (small quantities). In terms of design and quality, our products are the best that are available and stand second to none.

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Palm Leaf Plates

Palm Leaf Ice Cups

Our Technology

Our products are made from the fallen leaves are carefully harvested, hygienically cleaned.

As a socially responsible organization, we are doing our bit to incorporate sustainable and biodegradable materials into the making of our products. As rightly said, there is no winning against plastic; we have to just outright stop using plastics.

Let us now discuss the process the palm leaves have to undergo to emerge as elegant disposable tableware.

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