About Zukvi Palm Leaf Products

We have to tell you that we are just a few days old now. At Zukvi, our basic premise is the well-being of the entire humanity. Starting our operations on the 6th of September, 2018, our flagship products are all made from palm leaves that are 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and keeps up the balance of nature.

Our products cater to the requirements of the catering industry as well as the home sector (small quantities). In terms of design and quality, our products are the best that are available and stand second to none.

Our Raw Material – Palm Leaves

The raw material that we use to create the cutlery is fallen palm leaves and there is no other material that has such a limited effect on the environment. Each leaf has a unique print lending beauty to the tableware. We process them into elegant food-grade dinnerware without the use of any chemicals or coatings. All these make it the safest alternative to glass or plastic tableware.

With our society becoming more environmentally conscious, they make more eco-friendly choices. Palm leaf dinner is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events as they can be disposed of without any bad side-effects whatsoever.

Sporting an upscale look with an all-natural wood-grain finish, each palm leaf plate is unique in design. To top it all, there is no single palm tree that is ever cut for this purpose, we only use the fallen leaves.

All these together make a perfect fit with our basic premise: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bahavantu, a verse in Sanskrit meaning ‘let all beings be happy and free’.

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