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As a socially responsible organization, we are doing our bit to incorporate sustainable and biodegradable materials into the making of our products. As rightly said, there is no winning against plastic; we have to just outright stop using plastics.

Let us now discuss the process the palm leaves have to undergo to emerge as elegant disposable tableware.

Collection of the Palm Leaves

Palm trees are mostly found in tropical regions of the world and deserts. They have their leaves all the year round. However, they shed their leaves naturally and these fall to the ground. Shedding takes place once every few weeks. These leaves are manually picked up and stored as required.

Cleaning the Palm Leaves

Whereas the cleaning process may vary, typically, these leaves are cleaned with fresh clean water after treatment of the leaves with turmeric. This helps to remove all the dirt and debris. There are no chemicals used in the process. These leaves are then sterilized at 100 degrees centigrade to remove all microbes and render them sterile.

Readying the Palm Leaves

The dry palm leaves are then stretched and flattened using the hands.

The Final Process

The cleaned and flattened palm leaves are then pressed into the desired dinnerware shapes using mechanical presses. These machines use heat to press the leaves into different shapes as required.

Advantages of using Palm Leaf Dinnerware

  • Tableware made using palm leaves are light in weight and serve the same function as paper or plastic ware.
  • They are durable in that they do not rip, tear or puncture easily.
  • They are microwaveable and can be used in baking ovens up to a temperature of 350 degrees (for 45 minutes).
  • They can handle freezing and cold food as well.
  • They resist moisture and will not become soggy with liquid foods (if not held for too long)
  • They do not change or add to the taste of any food that is stored in them.
  • They can be pressed into any shape that is required: forks, spoons, serving bowls, dessert bowls, cups, trays and food plates among others.

Palm Leaf Dinnerware - Disposal Methods

It is vital to recognize the fact that the dinnerware made out of palm leaves is eco-friendly. So they can be used fruitfully even after the purpose of having served you food on them. If you have a fireplace you can use it as a fire kindling material. They will burn without releasing any harmful chemicals in the air.

If you are concerned about the carbon footprints and do not want to burn these products after use, you can just tear them up after use and spread them on the soil to enrich it. They take around 90 days to form compost.

These are more than enough reasons to start using palm leaf tableware.

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